Spring til indhold

The Danish Embassy in Argentina is looking for interns for the  autumn 2020!

The Danish Embassies in Latin America are looking for new qualified interns for the Spanish speaking countries for the autumn 2020 

Do you dream of living and working in Latin America for 6 months? Are you interested in international business? Passionate about supporting Danish business opportunities abroad and strengthening the strategic, economic and political relationship between Denmark, Danish companies and our Spanish speaking Latin American trade partners? Are you an ambitious and high performing team player looking for challenges and the adventure of a lifetime? 

Then YOU are probably the one we are looking for!

The Danish Embassies in the Spanish speaking Latin America, including the Danish Embassy in: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico are looking for new qualified and ambitious interns.


In total, we have 8 intern positions. Our interns are highly valued as a very important and integrated part of the commercial and political teams at the embassies.


Internship duration for autumn 2020:

Argentina (2 interns): 27 July 2020 - 29 January 2021

Chile (2 interns): 3 August - 29 January 2021

Colombia (2 interns): 20 July 2020 - 29 January 2021

Mexico (2 interns): 29 July 2020 - 29 January 2021  



Application deadline: Sunday 8th of March 2020

The internship at one of our embassies in the region is a unique opportunity to supplement your studies with hands on experience and thorough knowledge of Latin American business and political affairs propelling you and your future career opportunities.


The Embassies work primarily as trade embassies, with strong synergy between trade and political issues in general. The intern takes part in the daily commercial work supporting Danish companies, export and business opportunities as well as participates in the embassies' political and administrative work when required and relevant. Moreover ad hoc tasks of consular and cultural character can occur.


Tasks typically include: 

     - Supporting business opportunities between Latin American and Danish companies, 
       Danish business delegations and/or ministers’ visits

     - Participating in and sometimes organizing various meetings and business seminars 

     - Drafting market and sector insight reports

     - Assisting with updating the Embassy’s political and economic information database 

     - Tasks related to the Embassy’s website, social media & graphic design

     - Supporting the public diplomacy effort, including drafting stories for local media 

     - Answering different questions that are naturally directed to the embassies

For the autumn 2020, the Danish Embassy in Colombia is also looking for an intern that will be working with political issues, sector cooperation and communication tasks. Tasks for this intern will include:

     - Assisting in organizing/preparing meetings and events in Colombia of political 
       and cultural nature

     - Following specific aspects of Colombian domestic politics and regional developments -
       with special focus on energy, sustainability and   climate change

     - Participating in meetings in Colombia in the political, human rights and cultural area

     - Supporting diplomacy efforts, including through social media.

Each intern's responsibilities will depend on the composition of the intern’s professional profile. At the beginning of the internship, an agreement is signed to ensure that both the Embassy and the intern get the most out of the internship. 



The internship includes highly variable and independent work and it is expected that the intern shows great flexibility, initiative, creativity and team spirit in his or her work. 


Furthermore, tasks include a great part of outgoing contact and it is thus necessary that the interns master Spanish, and English both orally and in writing. Equally, correct and articulate Danish is expected. 

The intern should also be familiar with the programs in the Microsoft Office package, as well as general IT and internet use. 

Finally, the intern must at the time of accession, be enrolled at a relevant educational institution and preferably study at graduate level.



Practical information

The internship accounts to approximately 37 hours per week with the right to 2.08 days vacation each month of the internship. The internship is unpaid, but the embassy contributes to expenses with up to DKK 3,000 a month.

A complete application includes motivated job application, CV and relevant diplomas, recommendations, etc. All applications must be in English and sent as a single PDF file named as follows: internshipapplication_firstname_surname.pdf.

Moreover, all applicants must indicate at which embassy the applicant is interested in an intern position. Interviews will be in English/Spanish.

A prioritised list of the embassies must be enclosed in the application.

Candidates with non-Danish citizenships are more than welcome to apply however, it is a prerequisite that the candidate has lived in Denmark for several years and that the candidate at the time of the application has residence in Denmark. Finally, the candidate must be eligible based on the above-mentioned qualification criteria.

The embassies in the region will jointly select and interview the most qualified candidates.

The application must be send by e-mail to: mexamb_recruitment@um.dk

Questions can be directed to:

Commercial Intern: Asbjørn Stisen

E-mail: asbsti@um.dk